Formulaic Canvas ref to parent this row

I’m trying to create Canvas templates to be reused in other tables
But I need Canvas cells to access the row of the final table
Here’s my setting.
Table Modèles bons contains the Canvas templates
Table DB Bons de sortie is the user facing table. Column Bon is pulled from Template in “Modèles bons”

Can the Canvas cell in the table DB Bons de sortie access the row in it?


You can use parentrow.column from the canvas cell, in the same way you would use thisrow.Column in a table row.

Hey thanks for your reply, I’m afraid that doesn’t work in this case.
See screenshot below. Column Notes is just a regular canvas, fetches info in the row and populates itself (see email, address, etc) Column Notes 2 is a formula calculated column, copies the Canvas from another table, can’t fetch the info in the row

Example formula used in this case and that doesn’t work
[DB Clients].Filter([Code Client]=parentrow.[Nom du projet].[Code Client].ToText()).[Désignation]

Am I missing something?

Hi !

My advise would be to use a subpage as template.

First step, you go to your table DB Bons de sortie and in the Notes column you create the template you want using all the formulas you want using “thisrow”. You do this only in the first row.

Then, you copy the texte of your Note column, you create a subpage somewhere in your doc called “Modèle” or whatever and you paste the text. The formulas will show errors but it’s not a problem.

Then you go back to your table and in the canvas setting you choose your template “Modèle” for new rows. The formulas will work to customize automatically your Notes column.

I used this for one of my doc so I know it works but I’m not entirely sure it matches your need. Let me know ! :slight_smile:

Oh brilliant thank you!

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Could you share the doc, or a version that is safe?