Display a text value from one specific field with a formula, without a table


I’m trying to display a singel text value from a table with a formula. Anny suggestions?

List(TextTable.Text.Filter(TextTable.NumberContains(“Text 1”))) wont work.



You can make a table for text (TextTable) with two columns: TextNumber and TextContent.

If you want to display text from a row with TextNumber = Text1, then formula is:

(Text that you want display should be in the TextContent column).

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Dear @Hein, welcome to the community,

Maybe the below is what you are looking for:

Nth(2) gives the second row in the table, Nth(3) of the column Color would have been “Green”

Hi @Hein and welcome to the Coda Community!

What @Andrei_Kharlanov provided is a correct and easy way to target a specific value in a Table Column.

To translate to how we programmers would explain this:

  • Think of TextNumber as the KEY
  • Think of TextContent as the VALUE

Then your formula just addresses the “TextTable” and filters on the KEY value (TextName=“Text1”) and displays the VALUE of "TextContent by chaining it with the “.”

This request falls inline with the often requested feature of having “Global Blocks and Variables” and I built and recently shared a Doc with examples that you can copy to your Workspace and play with and expand upon:

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THNX this solved my question!