Can't get rid off , , when I display text from another table


I think I encountered something very basci but for some reason I cannot overcome.

I want to display in a column a simple text from another table. I do the formula but besides the text it also shows 2 commas. Like this: Text, ,
I can’t get rid off from these commas.

Can you help me how?

Hi @Egyesek_Youth_Association :grin: and welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

It’s a bit hard to exactly tell what’s going here but it seems like your formula returns a list of “text” :blush: … maybe you could just add a filter to filter out non blank values …

Something like :


… should help :blush: .

(There are other possibilities here, but it depends on what you actually need :innocent: )

Dear @Pch ,

Thank you so much for the quick reply! In fact I just want to display in a column a field from another table. What would be the simplest way to do it?

I have Table A with the project number, I have Table B with task list connected to the project. For each task (row) I have a column “Project number” where I just want to display the Project Number field of Table A. :slight_smile:

Oh I think I see :blush:

At least, I missed something in your screenshot : You already have a list in your Project Title filed…

This means that actually you’re not filtering any project from your Project table, but just listing all projects in that table… which might be why you get a list with empty values :blush: .

Ok, I think would use a Lookup field linking the Table A (storing the project & their info) to the Table B for the task… For each task you would need to manually select the corresponding Project in the lookup field.

But, now that each tasks in the tasks table is linked to project, you can easily use the lookup field to gather the project number in your Table A either by using a formula like this one (in the appropriate column) :

thisRow.[Table A - Project].[Project Number]

or by letting Coda do it for you :blush: from the menu of the Lookup fieldInsert related columnProject Number

And just to illustrate all this, here is a sample :blush:

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Got ya! Now I get it! Thanks a lot!!!

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No problem @Egyesek_Youth_Association :grin: !

I’m very glad to know this helped :grin: !

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