Bug? pulling numbers from one table to another

Hi All,

I have duplicated a section (including data) I made last year in November.
I am repopulating the tables and found an issue.

As I am pulling numbers (all set to default values for both tables and columns) from one table and column to another, the numbers that have been pulled have a comma added to the end of them.

Column A

Column B

See screenshot for reference.

Note I cannot replicate this in a new section with new tables.

Just looking at the screenshot, it seems Column4 is a list of numbers and not just number. is Column4 a multi-select lookup?

Hi Krunal,

No, I don’t believe so.
See attached screen shot.

yes, but as you see, the Budget USD column is set with a formula where you are picking entire column from Q2 Budget which would be a list of values - I would think you want to apply some sort of filter to pick a matching row from Q2Budget table first and then once you have a single row, you would pick Column4 from that row.

Yes, I see your point now. Thanks for pointing this out.
I see what must have happened is I only had one row at one point which made the lookup work. But as soon as a second empty row was added it all failed.

Thanks again for the pointer :slight_smile:



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We just added formula chips to help identify these types of cases in formula.

We are hoping the icons on chip will help differentiate between single vs multiple values.