Reference a column from a row on a table

I’m trying to reference the value from a particular column in an inline formula. From this template, I believe it’s possible, but I can’t figure out how to write the formula.

The steps I’ve taken are:

  • Create a table with several $ amount inputs
  • Started a formula with the hopes of referencing the value in one cell by using the example below (the Purchase Price. Value$ forumula)

I’m new to Coda, so hopefully my question makes sense! Thanks for any help!

Hi @Tyler_Reeves,
and welcome to Coda Community :handshake:

I’m not sure I completely understood your question: do you mean referring to the single cell column instead the overall column value?
In this case, you can refer to thisRow object, that lets you access programmatically the current row.

But from the screenshot, I see you are using a formula from within the canvas.
Could you share your doc here (or a sample of it) in order to fully understand your use case?

Thanks a lot!