Thisrow Questions!

I’m just powering through all the learning material that Coda provides and I have a questions.

In the article above the last example uses thisrow. I created the same tables and omitted thisrow and it still works. If you refer to a column isn’t it always referencing data in a row by row way?

A little confused what thisrow actually acheives.


If you don’t specify how you want to refer to a column, Coda gets it from the context. In a column formula of the same table, its usually thisrow, but if you iterate through rows of the same table, Codas first guess is currentvalue. With table.column you get all the values of this column in the table.

You can check the reference by clicking on it in the formula editor, in your case it should still say thisrow.column. To avoid errors and confusion, you should define your reference explicitly when there are multiple contexts in your formula.


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