Need solution to formula issue coming from Excel

Hi, really love Coda, great potential but as a ‘first steps’ test i have brought in a simple spreadsheet I use as a service log.

Each row has a date and several columns for engine hours. These are Actual, Elapsed and Next Due. The Excel sheet uses a formula in each row to reference the previous row so I can calculate the elapsed, and a simple row addition gives me the next Due.

My issue is how do I reference the previous row to get the last Actual?

Thanks for any assistance anyone can give.

Welcome to the community! Take a look here:


Hi @Paul_Danyliuk,

Many thanks, my urgency overcame my ability to search. Its understanding the correct terms/words to use in search. I’ll get better and I am really excited about the potential of Coda product, I will use and recommend.


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