Help with formula from one table to another

Hello, I am trying to move our P&L sheet from Google into Coda but struggling with how to make the formulas work for me. In the screenshot below, I am trying to sum the values from the [individual] table in the matching column within the [calc] table.

For reference, here is my current Coda setup, and under that is the Google Sheet I am trying to move into Coda. The bolded values are formulas.

Coda formulas are still new to me and I’m struggling to find a way to correctly reference the rows and columns in the [individual] table so that the sum will display. I have my [calc] table laid out this way because some of the columns down the line will have formulas other than a sum (division, etc) and I needed the formulas to run down the column so that they line up with the correct month.

If I am doing this a totally backward way and there is a better solution, I would be so happy for any help you have to offer!

Hi @Heather_Hart , welcome to the community!

Yes, thinking in terms of tables is a completely different mentality than thinking in terms of sheets. Let me see if I can help you.

So, your goal is to input financial data into your table on a month by month basis. Those entries will sometimes be income, and other times expenses. Do I have this right so far?

If that’s the case, I think this doc could be a good starting point. Feel free to poke around, copy it, look at formulas, and even break it in the process of understanding. If you have questions about it I’d also love to help with those.

The general idea is that you will go to the Cashflows page in order to input new cashflows (like a Braintree sale) or you could input a collection of cashflows (like all the Braintree sales for that month). Depending on your workflow, you might want to customize this part of the document.

When you have input all your data (you’ll notice, I’ve put in some example data for you) you can see the summary in the Monthly Financials page.

There’s a lot to learn about Coda from just this one doc, so please don’t feel discouraged if it seems foreign! This is just part of the process of getting used to thinking about information in terms of tables. We all had to go through the conversion process :slight_smile:


Thanks so much, Connor! This is really helpful. I will play around with your doc and see what I can make of it for our P&L. I appreciate your time and help with this :slight_smile: