Using SUM function?


This is maybe a stupid question but how can I go about using a normal ‘SUM’ like in Excel / Google Spreadsheet?

Normally, i will =SUM in a cell and select which ones or range I will like to perform the SUM (f.e. from C2:C14) but in Coda I can’t figure it out? Shouldn’t it be simple?

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Hi Miguel,

Coda works very different to spreadsheets. A formula applies to a column, not to a cell.

Rather think of Coda tables as Access tables, rather than Excel sheets. Coda is a completely new product with a mixture of features from Access, Word and Excel.


If you give a more specific use case we can throw together some examples of how you can sum different numbers! There are many different ways to do it depending on your use case

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hey there! Thanks a lot @Piet_Strydom and @Scott_Collier-Weir ;

So, this is for a personal work project we have in my family and I want to build a Income/Expense report, very simple. I am a bit using Agile and I am really "starting something without knowing really the outcome :slight_smile: "
As a side, another goal is to lear coda as I use it a lot on my actual work.

Anyway, i threw a quick table so you can help me out (and thanks again @Scott_Collier-Weir !)
As you can see, I just want to add the daily income/expense we are making and in the “Balance” table output the actual balance.

Changed the document itself! Take a look into the column formulas to see how I did it and feel free to write back if you have any questions!

I also changed your “Name” column in the Month to manually calculate based off your “date” input using the .MonthName() formula