How do i end my row with sum off all previous columns?

New to Coda.
How do i create a last column which gives me the sum of all previous columns?
So i created number-type column, but can’t figure out how to get the formula right to make a sum of all the numbers in the previous 3 columns.
Can anyone please help as i can’t find it in the Help section of Coda.
Thank you.

You can use formula type for last column and write formula that will add up values of previous columns.

Right click on the name of your column and use summarize with one of the available options. The value will appear under the row.

Thanks Joost, but thats not what i need.
I have 3 rows. 4 columns each. In the 4th column of each row i want to display the total (sum) of the 3 previous columns.

Thanks Marko. What i’m missing is the formula. :slight_smile:

type in a cell in the 4th column =sum(column name 1, column name 2, culumn name 3) and all cells in the 4th column will show the total of the fields to the left.

Is this what are you looking for?

Or I might have misunderstood what was your intention :smiley: Unless you want sum of all previous cells which is totally different beast :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! That’s it!

Thanks a lot! That did it for me.