Formula : adding AllColumns and AllOthersColumns selection


I made some tests in AppSheet and now I’m back in Coda I think there is one thing that could be cool to have here.

I would like to have two reserved words :
Num1 Num2 Num3…Num20 Sum Sum1-10

Sum formula =SUM(_All_Columns())
Sum1-10 formula = SUM(Table1._All_Columns(Num1,Num10))
If Start,End are omitted, then all columns are considered.

Name Address Phone Notes Email Date Text1 Text2 … Text20 Earning Cost Duration Export

Export formula =Join("- ",Table2._All_Other_Columns(Earning, Cost, Duration))
If Excluded is omitted, then all other columns except the one with the formula are considered.

But maybe there is already a workaround to do that in Coda ?? (Sorry I didn’t fin it yet)
Today my need is to join 27 columns of a row except 2.
I can write the formula manually, but bad readability and time consuming…

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