GetUnstuck | Pt.2 [FREE Training]

:wave: Hey there!

tl;dr – GetUnstuck will be happening again! There’s a lot of interest and its a lot of fun! The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 8th at 9am (PST). If you’d like to sign-up to GetUnstuck on your Coda docs you can do so here → Sign-Up

Sign up soon! We already have half the spots filled up.

Curious what GetUnstuck is? In short, its a free one hour training session on Coda best practices, writing tricky formulas, designing your docs with visual aesthetics and intuitive use in mind, or anything else you need help with!

If you want the longer explanation, see original post below. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Fantastic session! Thank you for having me!

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Great training session! Really cool way for newcomers like me to see how a coda Pro approaches a problem. Thanks for the help with the project I was working on. The guidance was super helpful, you gave me what best suited me vs what I thought I wanted. 10/10

thanks @Scott_Collier-Weir

an excellent session indeed

i learned several new things that i will now be putting into all my new docs

cant wait for the next one

well done indeed


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