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Hi ,
I’m looking to expand a doc I currently use as a sales crm platform to cover most of our business needs. The company is a small residential design and build hardscape and landscape company. Currently coda acts as my personal crm, proposal generator and company wiki. But there is a need to improve upon it and dispatch it eventually to the whole company.

I have tried to look into coding and formulas, but with the amount of work I have just selling jobs its hard to spend the time needed to learn coding and even if I did I’m not experienced to know any shortcuts or best practices to develop this with any sort of efficiency.

I would like to get some help and was wondering if tutoring sessions would be a good way to go. basically I can outline the doc, and the direction I need it to go, and what functions I would like it to perform. And then somebody could for maybe an hour 2 times a week help me come up with solutions. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I of course would be able to compensate somebody for their time depending on the rates and the terms. I might also be not seeing a resource that would send me in the right direction so if anybody has any ideas or can help me that would be great.


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Hey @Phil_Purdy1 !

Im an expert Coda Builder (and build Coda Docs, provide education and tutoring, etc) and its my full-time job. I’ve been wanting to try out a new method where I work asynchronsouly with individuals like yourself to provide consistent training, best practices, etc.

My vision is setting us both up on a shared/private slack channel where we can share Looms (or other videos), docs, etc and then I can provide quick fixes, support and education to you on an ongoing basis.

If this is something you would be interested in exploring shoot me an email at

Would love to connect and find some sort of structure that makes sense!


that is a great suggestion.
i believe there is great demand out there for such a service.

i will watch with great interest how this develops

well done

Hello to all,
I also find that a training would be a plus for beginners and I am one of them ^^.
However, it is not easy to follow such a training when you don’t speak English. I’m Belgian and I don’t master English to my regret, even if I manage with the translators :).

I’m also creating a French community to share our knowledge on Coda via a discord. And, I’d like to create a kind of mini training with a voting system to define the material to see in priority etc.

You also have an interesting solution via Gather , you can create a complete learning space with up to 25 people for free and do screen sharing, add videos and much more.

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