[Request] Need professional help with my Doc

Hello everyone.

I am setting up a doc for managing my small team but am having problems mainly because of a lack of know how when it comes to formulas.

Is there a professional here willing to take on a small job helping me get my doc up and running?

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Hey, and welcome to the community! :wave:

I’m doing this professionally for over a year now, and I actually like to teach people to fish rather than just give them fish :slight_smile: I mean, educate rather than just build solutions.

I’m somewhat busy with one big ongoing job and a few smaller gigs, but I think I’ll be able to help you and set some initial direction. Feel free to drop me a line via private messages here or via paul@codatricks.com

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Hi @Daniel_Smarason
I second what @Paul_Danyliuk - who is a living reference in Coda matters - just said.

Though with a limited amount of time, I’m also helping small companies to get used to Coda potential and happy to contribute if you - or somebody else - need some best practices on real scenarios.

PM me if you want to get deeper into this.

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