Looking for a freelancer - building a CRM

Hi Coda enthusiasts!

I’m the founder of a marketing agency in Montreal and I’m interested in using Coda to build a CRM for our call center agents.

We really need help with the formulas but we know exactly what we need so it shouldn’t be a complicated project.

We are new to Coda and wish to learn it, but this is an immediate need. We are hoping to find someone here who has experience building Coda templates and is interested in some side work. (This could lead to helping do more of our operations in Coda.)

Please email jay@agencep2p.com with your experience, hourly rate and contact details if you’re interested.


Hi @Jay_Lefebvre,

Until you find someone to build one for you - I highly encourage you to checkout https://coda.io/templates?search=CRM and see if any of them work for your needs or gets you closer to what you want.

Thank you,

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@Jay_Lefebvre if you have not yet found anyone, you may wish to reach out to Erik :point_down:

Best of luck with your CRM!

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Interested. Replied :slight_smile:

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