[Offer] Hire Coda CRM Designer

Hi folks, new to Coda, and excited to build a CRM to supplement our database of customers, which is has limitations when it comes to tracking activities with leads and next steps. We’re a summer camp so we really want to be able to customize our process and tracking activities. We’re hoping to hire an expert to build a robust CRM so that we can minimize the start-up time. Any leads?


Hey @Brittany_Dufresne, welcome to the Community!

I do things like these for hire for over a year now. I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment with many things going on, but I’m still curious and would love to be helpful. Feel free to ping me at paul@codatricks.com or here in the Community in the direct messages.

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Hi Paul, thank you so much for your reply. If anything lightens up and you have more time, please be in touch. One thing we’re already curious about is if there is a formula or functionality to increase a lead’s school grade once a year. Our database does this yearly automatically, but if a lead comes in in 2020 in 8th grade, but doesn’t enroll, and engages again in 2021, we want to know that they’re actually in 9th grade now. I haven’t come across anything yet in my (limited) searching.

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Hi @Brittany_Dufresne, you might consider to use RelativeDate() for more info see here: https://coda.io/formulas#RelativeDate

It will help you to tell when you need to add a grade.

Hope it helps, cheers, Christiaan

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Hello @Brittany_Dufresne,

I’m a coda doc making expert. I usually help small businesses to setup coda for their CRM and ERP management on freelance basis.
I can suggest and design the docs as per your requirements.
You can contact me on hjm@abchandholding.com for any future enquiry.

Hi there!
Our firm has done a handful of coda CRM implementations for clients, happy to chat if you haven’t found someone yet.
You’re welcome to schedule something here so we can determine your needs:

Sorry this fell off my radar; just saw this thread bumped up because of more replies :slight_smile:

This is not so much about searching for an existing solution as of coming up with an algorithm to do what you need.

Here’s an example of how I imagine you have it. Let’s say the grade comes into your system from some kind of form in free format (someone writes it as a number, others write it in with some text like “8th”). The steps are:

  1. Convert the input into a number, so that we can add and subtract from it.
  2. Capture when the input was added, so that we know when the student had that grade.
  3. Figure out which school year was that — split by e.g. September. I.e. the 8th grade on Sep 1 2019 should still be the 8th grade on Jan 1 2020, even though Year() would return an increased number. We need to account for this and subtract one year if the date is before September.
  4. Do the same for Today() — normalize it to a school year.
  5. Finally add the year difference to the existing grade.


(I’ve built a year switcher; in real doc that’d be a Today() based formula similar to the one in the table to calculate effective year)

A video of me building this doc:

(I recorded it as a demo of how quickly I build these things; to have something back up my claims)

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