Looking to hire CODA CRM Guru as Consultant

Hi Friends!

We are new to CODA & looking to build a robust CRM with comprehensive categories & tags to track activities with partners & leads. We are launching an exciting media project that is rolling out fast, so hoping to hire our guru asap! Calling all gurus…

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Hi @Kelly_Layne

do you speak about hiring someone in your company, or a consultant to create once your project ? If second, do not hesitate to reach out :eyes:

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Hi Quentin,

We are looking to hire a consultant to help create the project once - thanks for clarifying!

Do you specialize or have lots of experience with CODA CRM templates?

Thanks again:)
Kelly L

Hey @Kelly_Layne, welcome to the Community!

I can offer you myself :slight_smile: I wouldn’t take a Coda template but much faster build one from ground up according to my best practices and your specific needs.

Feel free to DM me or write at paul@codatricks.com, and we can book a free intro call.

More context about me and my partner (normally I delegate all client work to him but chances are, this time I’ll do the work myself):

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Ahah Yes, but I cannot compete with Master Paul… :smiley:
And as he proposed…

Hi @Quentin_Morel ,

No reason to compete, you have already proven to deliver impressive projects inspired on what others initially developed, but with your own signature :mortar_board:


Hehe, no misunderstanding, that was a joke, refering indeed to the different discoveries and impressive job done by Paul, that I’ve learned a lot from :wink:

Coda community has also proven this is a safe place, with a lot of sharing to allow everyone to improve themselve !


I spoke to you, I noticed your work, you are qualified maker , one willing to reach out for help when needed, but most you will figure out on your own.


Haha! Thanks Quentin:) Love it & love it here already! :pray: :star_struck:

Oh. I just realized crashing on this thread perhaps wasn’t nice.

I didn’t mean to be a jerk to you @Quentin_Morel, I just instinctively replied when I saw the thread. I actually admire what you’re writing here in the Community lately — you’re on a good path to become the next Community Champion :wink:


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