Referencing A Canvas Table Column in Parent Table

Hi folks,
First time building a workflow with Coda. Read through documentation on Canvas columns & Community posts and confused by how to reference Canvas column tables.

I’m trying to define a value in a parent table based on the values of 3 columns inside a canvas column in that same table. However, the only value I seem to be able to pull out of the canvas column is the name of the canvas table.


I’m creating a detailed view which acts as a form (not using Coda forms). Each time someone has a new project they add a row to that table using the detailed intake.

Some of the information I’m collecting in the detailed view really needs to be its own subtable.
Each project can have 1 or many audiences, so I’m using a canvas column to bring in a table.

I want to generate a name for the project based on what audiences the user has entered into the canvas table, but I’m unable to reference the columns inside of the canvas table.

**The main problem seems to be that I’m creating a new canvas table for each row in my project table, but I won’t know what the name of that table is advance, so I can’t reference it. Each time it’s created a number is appended: “Audience 1, Audience 2, etc” **

**Intake Form with Canvas Table Column **

Canvas Table Template
Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 6.12.13 PM

Managed to create a formula to give me the name of my canvas table, but unfortunately it only evaluates as text and I can’t get Coda to recognize it as a viable table.

I would suggest actually not using the canvas column in this case.

Rather, I would use a filter formula to pull in relevant rows from a separate table, display that column as a table inside the detail view, and then make a button that adds a row to that table (also inside the detail view)

Let me know if you need a more detailed walkthrough with example document! Happy to go in depth.

Hi Scott,
If you’d be able to give me a more detailed walkthrough, that would be amazing. I think I’m not sure how to display a column as a table inside another table.

You got it!

Heres a quick video that explains it:

And here is the example doc that I was working off of so you can poke around and learn:


Thank you so much Scott, that worked and I learned something new!


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