Help linking a formula in parent table column to a canvas column

Dear Codans,

I have a table with a canvas column which is linked to a template. At the parent level table, I would like to use a formula that sums some values contained in one of the canvas columns.

Specifically, I’m trying to sum values from the column “Total” in the canvas column into the column ‘Nb. of intermediaries’ which is at the parent level.

Your help will be much appreciated

Hi Gerardo

Here is an example of how to get it done:

What you would need to change, is adjust the filter so that it only picks up entries for the canvas cell that you are interested in. (I assume that you have a field in the table on the canvas that allows you to filter for that specific parent row.



Piet, thanks for your reply. I looked at the example you shared but unfortunately, I still can’t figure out how to link, using a formula, a table column to another column from a table contained within the canvas column type. I’m also trying to figure out the connection the other way around (from parent table into table in the canvas column).

In my example, I’m using one table nested into the other by using a canvas column type that contains a table. I’m not even sure connecting these two tables is even possible in Coda right now.

Looking forward to see If you have any other insights or if there’s something in particular I missed from your example.


HI Gerardo,

Sorry, sometimes I make wild assumptions… :wink:

Below is a link from the main table, to a table on the canvas. In practical terms, the formula reads the Attendees table which is on the canvas of the canvas column, and count the number of attendees for each meeting. (Take care to select the table, and not the row specific view. If you choose the latter, the formula will only work for that particular row of the meetings table, and not all the other rows as well. Just replace count() with sum() and you will be ok.

The below is a link from the table in the canvas, to the table of which the canvas is a column. (I.e. Meeting nr 6 is the value of the display column in the Meetings Table. The filter formula selects the people from the Attendees table who have been invited to Meeting Nr 6.

Please let me know if there is anything that os still unclear.


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