Referencing canvas columns in formula in parent table

Dear Codans,

I have a table with a canvas column which is linked to a template. At the parent level table, I would like to use a formula that sums some values in one of the canvas columns.

I know using parentTable allows to do the reverse of what I’m trying to achieve but is there a way of getting data from a table within a canvas, up to the parentTable level?

Here is a link to the document

Specifically, I’m trying to sum the column “Total” in the Activity Data column (the canvas column) into the Nb. of intermediaries column, the latter being in the parent table.

Any insights how to reference down in formulas will be much appreciated.

Hi Gerardo! I was able to take a look at the doc and think I can see what you are trying to do. The issue is that you currently have the canvas column set up to pull the Activity Record as a template and not a nested table. Which will greatly slow down the performance of your doc as you create rows.

You’ll need to go back into the doc and create a parent table that links back to your Activity Record table. Here is a doc that talks about how to create that in the nested Canvas Column rows. You can make a copy of it and look at the formulas to help build out the relationship between the Activity Record and the Tracker, but then you can sum the total of people using the thisrow() in the formula to total the number of people.

Hope that helps!

Best, Dan

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