[formula] How to filter specific item contains specific text?

I have 2 tables. 1 is converted from list. Can I filter specific item with certain text?

Like ‘only tes’ below, I want items that has ‘tes’. I think it’s a basic formula but I can’t produce it. Please help.

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If I understand your question correctly, I have played with your document, and I believe I have a working solution for you.

By filtering the column 2, searching for the value “tes”, you get presented all values that contains “tes”. For this to work, the element is converted to text, and the comparison is done by the formula ContainsText.

Ok, so instead of hard-coding the searchcriteria, I believe a search box works better.
2023-01-15 12_56_14-list
By giving the textfield a name, in this case “text_search”, we can reference it in a formula.

By adding IsNotBlank, we can make shure that the formula searches for a value, only when something is entered in the textfield. Just to make shure that the formula is working, the text “Nothing to search for” is added, when the searchbox is empty.

Hope this helps.

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@Christian_Antonsen You save my day! Thank you very much!!! I just take this issue for half of day. Thank you!!


No problems. Glad I could help.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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