Filtering Question for a Text Field

I have tried every permutation I can imagine to figure out how to set up a filter on a text field in my project.

Consider this example, where Journal is a Text field:

Why is the result of this filter blank?

I could not get “contains” to work either.

However, inspired from here: try to use this formula in the filter:

RegexMatch([Low Back Pain Bibliography],“Cartilage”)`

The link above also describes how to get rid of the case sensitivity if you want!

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I figured this out when having a slightly different problem myself:

“contains” is treating each cell as a single entry. contains("pig dog", "dog") returns a false, but contains("pig dog", "pig dog") returns true.

so if you filter for the whole cell (“Osteoarthritis Cartilate. 2018. […]”) it would work.

Huge thanks - the RegexMatch suggestion works great.

In fact, I was able to extend the idea further and create a Filter Table which lets me enter search criteria on the fly for any/all of the fields:


Perfect, glad it worked!

However, don’t forget the case-sensitivity! If you want to get rid of that, check out the link I pasted earlier :slight_smile:

Thanks - I do not see the link for case sensitivity but this works well - is this what you had in mind or is there another solution to get rid of case sensitivity?

thats exactly what @Gregg_Stebben used here. I guess thats be best solution

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