Showing a table in a formula?

Does anyone know if you can display a table (without functionality) in a formula output? Normally you just see the link to the table. I’ve stumbled across a way to do this, but I’m honestly not even sure how I did it. Wanted to see if there’s a standardized way of going about this. Snippet below - ideally I’d see the actual table output in the formula, on the left, instead of the link.

HI Trevor,

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Can you explain a little more about what it is that you want to do?

Do you want to open a table from say, a button in another window?


This may be what you’re after…

Edit: Instead of Character(10), you can use LineBreak()

Sure. Focus on the ‘Table in Canvas’ link in the formula in the bottom left of my snippet. That is a link to the table within Row 2’s canvas column. Instead of a link, I would like for the formula to display the actual table (just the output of it with styling, not with functionality).

The simplest would be to create a view of the table?

The issue is it needs to be dynamic, hence the usage of a formula. In the real use case, I have rows that are filtered based on a relation (~30 after filtering), and I’d like to iterate over the rows and display their canvas contents. But depending on the relation used for filtering, where those tables exist may be in different canvases.

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