Concatenate table in canvas?

Hello everyone. I’m wondering if we can ever concatenate a table in canvas to be shown by using formula ‘format’, or concatenate.

I have a table C in this row in canvas on table B , which I want to be shown in table A by using formula concatenate to display multiple row of canvas in relate row of table A.

However everytime i do it the table in canvas table B always show as link in table A

here’s link i created

Hi Korn,

Can you please explain in a little more details what you are looking for?

Concatenate is used to combine pieces of text, it will not wok with tables.

In table A you would either have to create a column that is a lookup into Table C, or a column with a filter formula that will upload the results of the filter. It will NOT be possible to include other information into this column.
The third option, is to have a canvas column like you have in Table B. What is the prblem with your solution in Table B?

Rambling Pete

I want table C which is in table B canvas to be shown as table in canvas in table A ,not only “table name” link in table A

if you see in table B canvas, table C is shown as table , not table name and link but in table A canvas , table C is shown as name and link

sorry. This is done. I forgot to change column type into canvas instead of text. Now that i turn it into canvas . the table is shown

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