Open canvas with button in the same row?

I feel like I might be over thinking this but I can’t seem to figure out how to open the canvas window with a button. My view is in a normal table view and I want to have the button (located in another column) open the canvas (this column is hidden) so users can access the documents placed within the canvas section.

Little confused as to what you’re asking here. Do you just want a column where you can click and see the contents of the canvas within that row? That’s the default functionality if you don’t preview the canvas in your table.

For example:

I take meeting notes within a table with a canvas column actually containing all the notes. If I click the button on the far left, it will open the canvas column and I can see the information for each meeting.

Yes, basically, that is it. The canvas “button” is not intuitive for an outsider who did not edit or write the page. My users will mostly open up the canvas and copy code block queries from it.

In my screenshot, I want the blue button to open the window that opens when I click the canvas button on the query column. I plan to hide that column from view when this is done.

Hi @Chris_Diaz and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

A possibility might be to use, as a button formula, something like :


This will open the detail view of the row which you can modify to hide all the other fields so it will only display what’s in your canvas column :blush:

There might be other ways though :blush: … As Activate() is not the only formula you can use to open a row :blush:OpenRow() might be another option …


Ah, that did exactly what I want! Thank you!

Funny that activate did not show up as a dropdown option in the formula writer window

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No problem :wink: ! Glad to know it worked :grin: !

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