New to Canvas column, have layout question

Hi…finally getting a chance to look at the Canvas column.
I have a table with a lot of fields, and I’ve created Canvas layout to show just four fields…but when I hit “Open” button the cursor goes to bottom of Canvas window below all fields in the table (including all the fields that should be hidden in layout) to area where I can “Write something…”
How can I get the layout to actually hide the columns that are supposed to be hidden??? :wink:
Many thanks!

HI Greg,

Can you share the doc/ a copy?

It all depends on what is in the “open” button.

Because the default behaviour of the canvas column, if you’ve built a layout, is what you are looking for.


Thank you!
I made a test document here:

In canvas layout “022823 1048am” I want to only see fields 1, 2, 3, 4…but when I hit the “Open” button I get a popup that goes to the bottom of all fields in the table to the “Write something…” field.
Is there a way for the layout to hide all the fields marked “Hide”?
Thank you for any help you can offer!

I have created a layout Flds1-4 here:

Is it what you were looking for?

I get it…cursor will go to Canvas field when you hit “Open” button…so control where the cursor goes by moving Canvas field where I want cursor to go when I hit “Open” button!
Thank you!
Very helpful!

Hi Gregg,

I think there’s actually an easier way!
Instead of clicking “Open” on the canvas field (which opens the canvas field), click on the small diagonal-arrow box that appears to the left of the row when you hover over it. This should open the layout and stay at the top


I didn’t know that…thank you!!!
And I also just figured out you can put your cursor anywhere in the row and hit space, and Canvas field opens.

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