2 questions about canvas layouts

How do you delete layouts in a canvas column?
Is it possible to have multiple canvas columns, with each one having a different default layout?
Many thanks!

Hi @Gregg_Stebben

I dont know if I understand your problem.
The layouts are related to the table view, not exactly to the column.
What happen is you have to display the canva column in the layout to be possible to edit it, so if you have more than one canva column, these canvas must be in the layout.
If you want to have one layout for each canva, I suggest to create two views of the table and configure the layout for each one hiding the columns that it is not relevant.
Instead of opening the canva clicking in the canva column icon, create one button column for each layout with open row function. Select thisRow and select the view that correspond to the layout you want to open.


Best Regards,
Felipe Arnhold

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This is very smart…thank you!

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