Filtering challenge: Table view inside canvas column

I am using the new editor and a canvas column for the first time…and I have hit a wall that just seems like it should be easy, but I can’t seem to figure out the solution.

I have a table with multiple entries for A, B and C. Each entry is timestamped and in the main view of the table, everything but the latest entries for A, B and C are filtered out.

I would like to, on the main view, be able to click “Open” to go to a canvas with a different view of the same table where I can see all A entries, or all B entries, or all C entries.

Although this seems simple, I cannot figure out how to filter in the table view on the canvas column so that I only see the A entries when I click an A entry on the main view, etc.

The goal, of course, is to see the latest entry on the main view for A, and then click “Open” to see all A entries.

Can anyone help?

Is canvas columns still in beta? I haven’t seen it am I missing something?

I have the exact same question. I have lookups in my top level table that I would like to use as filter for the canvas column in the same row. Did you manage to find a solution?

There’s no way currently to reference the parent row from an inner canvas column. Technically it’s just a page like those on the left menu.

Coda said they would eventually bring thisRow to those pages, just not sure when exactly. I imagine there’s a conflict: thisRow already has special meaning in e.g. view filters, so if the parent row reference is also called thisRow it will be cloaked anyway. And calling it differently than thisRow would bring inconsistency.

So far the only thing you can do is set up filters in those views manually. Remember it’s just like three views that are on three regular pages for A, B, C.

Or just do it the regular way — as a lookup column with a filter formula, and just show it above/below the canvas column.

So it seems like thisrow is now an option but I still can’t seem to figure it out. Anyone else having more luck than me?

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