Hide button programtically?

Is there a way to hide buttons on a the canvas programmatically?


Yes! Two ways - neither perfect

You can either use the hidden button() formula. But things can get wonky with that.

Your other option is to place a button inside a canvas type column in a table, and then conditionally reference that specifically

Thanks Scott. Greatly appreciate the ideas!

  1. Didn’t find much on how to use the hidden Button() formula. Do you know of a post or example doc that outlines how to use it?

  2. The idea of putting a button in the canvas could potentially work, but would be a lot easier if I could figure out how create a canvas template for new rows with buttons inside that can change values of the table row they’re created for. Any chance you could look at this example doc? Curious if there’s way to do this with the canvas template not being in the same table, but a different table.

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