Can a canvas formula include a clickable button?

This is what I got:

It only shows an orange bolt instead of a button.
I would like to show the button inside the formula instead.

Hi Fran

Be careful, if you want to call button a with concatenate, you must use button() function. Anyway, I’m not sure you can create a button inside a canvas.

I tried it this way, using the tips I present in the the blog post I’ve made for button wraping, that will show you how to use the concatenate + button functions.

But that does not seem to be efficient …


When I need to do that for wraping purpose, I use it in a different column, not in canvas…
I’ll let more expert guy than me answer about buttons in canvas.

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My bad, I worder it incorrectly.
I actually wanted to use a formula on a page with a button inside it.

I tried your formula but it didn’t work for me.

What am I missing?

Looks like you cannot use button() formula outside of a table, indeed.

As this function is still beta/unofficial (you can’t find it in the official library), we must be careful using it.
In your case, you can still create a regular button inside your page using /button, and putting in it the same formula as you have in your table !

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Yeah - you need to create the button with the experimental button formula inside the table itself and then draw it out into the canvas via a formula.

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