Work load per day


I’m new here and still figuring out some things…
I’m trying to implement a new feature to a project management doc we use in our office.

Im trying to determine the work load of each user, in hours, each day, excluding weekends.

For example if a task is allocated 10 hours, the hours / day should be 8 hours in the first day and 2 hours in the second day.
I hope that the embedded doc illustrates better what I want to achive.

Hi @Andrei_Stefanescu1
and welcome to Coda community! :handshake:

Your formula was indeed correct.
However, you set the column data type as lookup for workload table rather than WBS table.
You could have even set a simple Text data type and let the parser inference the correct type.

Let me know if this helps.

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Thank you for taking the time to help me.
However, what you just said seems more advanced than my knowledge.
Could you elaborate please? I don’t understand what I have to do.

Sure @Andrei_Stefanescu1 !
I actually already changed the column type of task list in your doc and - as you can see - the test column formula now works.
So, if I correctly understood, you don’t have to do anything else: unless you need other calculations.

test formula wasn’t working because you set the task list lookup column as workload.
Meaning that every entry in that column was considered as a row of the workload table: this is why you could have no access to properties (columns) of WBS table

I simply changed it to WBS lookup and that fixed the inconsistency.

Lookup columns basically say: “We are row(s) of what table?”.

Let me know if you still need do something else.

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Thank you,
I now understand why it wasn’t working.
Now what I have to do is find a way to somehow get to “what I want”, that is to divide the allocated hours of each task to the number of days each task takes and add them up in each day.