Calculating total hours per weekday

Hi guys, newbie alert :wave: :nerd_face:

I’m trying to build an employee scheduling doc. Basically a list of tasks with due-dates and employees assigned to it. I then also want to create an overview of total hours scheduled per employee per week. And that’s where I’m stuck…

I’ve created a test doc so you can see what I mean:

In the table Hours per employee I’ve not been able to calculate the total hours assigned to an employee directly (probably doing something wrong?!), only via first adding a column (tasks) which lists the individual hours (duration) of the tasks assigned to that employee, and then in the next column (hours) calculate the sum of these hours.

Problem: the sum of hours needs to be filtered by week number (matching the filter control Filter Tasks Week # above the table tasks). Right now it’s showing the total from that employee for all weeks combined.

2nd problem: I then want to specify these total hours further per weekday in the corresponding columns.

I’m sure this is relatively easy to do, but I really need someone to point me in the right direction :pray:

Hi @Bas_de_Bruijn
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Could you share your doc (in the share button on top-right) so that we could see it/copy or directly edit it?

Thanks a lot!

Thank you Federico! Oops, I thought I embedded it with rights to edit. A direct link then?

Dear @Bas_de_Bruijn ,

Kindly update the sharing setting with “everyone with the link” to get access.

OK, I’ve updated the share settings. Three time’s a charm (I hope). Thank you for your patience…!

Hi @Bas_de_Bruijn ,
I edited your doc and added some comments inline.

Please, let me know if this is going to the right direction.



Wow, thank you so much @Federico_Stefanato!

I’m still looking into all the details, but this definitely does the trick. Some nice extras too, like the solution to the weeknumber control issue.

Very much appreciated! :pray: What a great community this is

Hi @Bas_de_Bruijn ,
Happy it worked!

Feel free to ask if something is not super-clear.

And yes, this community is really active, helpful and… enjoyable! :slight_smile:

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