Creating A Daily Sum of Hours, From A Weekly Report (Clocking In A Timesheet + Gmail Template)


I am using the amazingly awesome “Clocking In A Timesheet + Gmaill” template (thanks Ben) to keep track of my remote work, but I want to be able to track my hours for each day as well as the week. I was trying to copy and modify the formula, so that I can create a Monday, Tuesday, etc. overview of my work. Basically filter out the Weekday shifts and total those hours, while also still having a cumulative total. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Much thanks!

The formula I am copying and trying to modify from:
Round([Weekly Time Log].[Total Time].Sum().AbsoluteValue()*24,2)


Hi @Katie_Hodgdon!

I’m so glad you like the template!

Give this a try to single out each day in a canvas formula:

Round([Weekly Time Log].Filter(Day="SUN").[Total Time].Sum().AbsoluteValue()*24,2)

You would use a separate formula for each day of the week you need a total for.

If this doesn’t do what you need, let me know and we’ll keep working on it!


That works perfectly and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you vey much @benblee! I am still new to Coda so I appreciate the help in going through formulas!

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