Gantt chart with week-per-week breakdown

Hi. I’m working on repurposing the Cross Functional Project Tracker template ( for the purpose of replacing our current Excel based staffing and project tracking. One thing I have run up against, is that we allocate people to projects on week-by-week base (see attached screenshot of an example in Excel). We meet weekly in a staffing meeting and run through all projects and make adjustments where needed. It’s important to be able to keep scheduled allocation per week (as it might differ). Any tips on how this could be accomplished most easily? See attached screenshot of cutout of the excel

Any takers? I still haven’t found a solution so any tips, tricks, or alternative solutions would be highly appreciated.

@Jonas_Hoglund - wrapping up some work this crazy Monday morning but will work with you to see how to get the ball rolling on this one!

Hi @Jonas_Hoglund, thanks for your question! The best way to model this in Coda is to create a separate column that just represents the week you are tracking against. For instance, I took the original cross-functional template and in the Project Assignments table, added a “week” column. This will result in duplicating the data every week but this will make referencing and calculating the data much easier in the future:

Once you have this structure, you can group the “week” column along the top to see the data week by week (and hide columns that you don’t need to see every week):

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