Help Creating an Employee Roster with Gantt Chart Style

Hi Coda Community!

I am trying to build a roster view in a Gantt chart for our team. We operate on a ‘swing’ basis which means we have team members who alternate.

I want to demonstrate on a Gantt chart when each team member is ‘on’ their swing and who is filling that position so any team member can quickly and easily see who is filling that role. You can see I have had a go at this a little with not much luck at this doc:

(feel free to comment edit - if you can assist with the below)


Team and Contacts - This is a table with names and their roles. (DATA)

Roles - This is a table with the roles of all the team. (DATA)

Swings - This is a difficult one I am not sure how best to structure and seeking your advice.

This demonstrates the start and end dates of each member of the team, the duration of time they are on and the duration they are off, grouped by role and individual, with some formulas.

I have used ‘Relation’ function to draw names and roles and grouped by Roles. I think this is right? Not sure what the best reference column should be? (currently ‘Name’).

Q: You will see that swings are structured by days on and off. How can I automate/create rules this so I don’t need to manually add every start and end date, even though I have automated this somewhat with formulas. This is very structured so once you know the start, duration, end date, and off days, you could essentially just flow out the whole thing ad infinitum.

Q: Is separate line items the best way to show this considering the rostering format I want to achieve (see below)?

Roster - This is the difficult one. A timeline of the roster - ideally I want it to have a line for each team member grouped by position (as is currently the case), but not multiple lines for each swing.

Q: See how PW/JS has two rows? Is it possible to make that one? so you can just see when that individual is coming on and off their swing?

Any other suggestions for how best ot build this?

Q: Also as a general admin question about Coda, is there a way of standardising date formats to UK standard (ie 31/1/2023) so I don’t have to change it for every column I create. At Account and/or Document Level?

Hi @Ashby_Field,

Each row will be on a new line. We don’t have the functionality to have a single line with different “blocks” all on the same line.

So your setup is looking right to me. Each swing date does seem to need it’s own row because it will have it’s own start and end. You could also add a column for who is covering that shift, so you have both the person that’s off and the person that’s on. The display column is what will show as the label there, so you could create a column that uses Concatenate() to combine the person who’s off and the person who’s on with maybe a -> or something. That might help show who’s covering and when.

For date formats, we don’t have a doc or account default setting for that, but we have heard this as a feature request and do have it noted. We know it’s a point of frustration and appreciate your feedback here, especially as someone who could benefit from it. I just don’t know when we’ll be able to get to it.

Check out this resource and see if it inspires any ways to have new rows auto-fill dates the way you want. It could be tricky, depending on your specific needs, but it sounds doable.

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