Launched: Improvements to Calendar, Gantt and Chart Creation

In Coda, a table can quickly turn into a number of thingsーincluding several types of charts. However, some of types of charts have stricter data requirements than others. For example, in order to turn a table into a calendar, you’ll need to include some date and time information in your data.

Starting today, we’re making it clearer when your desired chart might require you to add certain data points to your tables, and will guide you through adding them. This update applies most specifically to Gantt charts and calendars, but will also help flag mistakes we’ve all made when we’re in a rushーlike trying to make a bar chart with one column of data (which is still possibleーand now we’ll flag how). For example:

  1. New red badges and error messages direct you to what you need to fix
  2. If you don’t have any columns of the right type, you can now add one instead of starting completely over

In addition, we’ve reduced potential “dead ends” while creating calendars and Gantt charts. Previously, we made you select which column type (end date or duration) you wanted to use, and then allowed you to select your column. This meant if you chose duration, but only had date columns in your table, you could get stuck. Now, we just let you choose either type of column to indicate when events end, and do the right thing based on what type of column you pick.

If you’re interested in best practices for structuring your data before having the Chart display menu walk you through the requirements, be sure to check out these helpful articles from our team:



Hey Matthew, any plan to allow Mondays as the first day of the week? Looks weird to see Sunday as the first day of the week and it confuses our team as the week starts on Monday, not Sunday


I would LOVE that too!

Good request. I’ll take a look to see how we can easily do that. No ETA. I added it to our backlog of requests. Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated.


What a great, user-friendly improvement. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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It would also be great if we could expand the width of the panel showing the row display column, and the width of the gantt chart to the width of the canvas so more info could be revealed.

The ability to also do it by hour instead of day would be amazing fo creating detailed workflows. :heart:


Yes, this total confuses my users also. A simple calendar property like the timezone option to select week start day.

Yes, a option to start the week at Monday would be great.
Please add also the function to the calendar to change the due date/duration of an event in the month view directly with the mouse.

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Yes, resizing of Gantt is necessary. I’m actually preparing a slide with a Gantt, and in order to see the details, I need to enter full screen on the chart, and that disables the full screen presentation mode.

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Massive +1 on being able to zoom a Gantt chart. At the moment, we can filter between dates, but that removes any items that happen to start before or end after the dates we want to zoom into - which defeats the purpose.
It would be awesome to just be able to zoom it based on a date picker for instance - at least that keeps everything within the standard coda design language.

Regarding Calendar improvements - I like the flagging mistakes. This is really useful.
However, it seems like there is no ability to create an all day only type calendar. So - a cal that displays projects that are on this week.
We can fake it - but it still leaves an empty calendar below for the time based entries. See below.