Cross reference 2 tables

Hi Codans! I used Coda’s Team Roster template to have my team members check-in everyday and make sure everyone is safe.
Because we are a big team, I would like to have a hidden section where I can create a table to display who hasn’t check in.
Any ideas on how I can best do this?
I guess I would need to cross reference between my People table (where every team member is listed) and the Team Roster table for each day.
I am just not seeing how I can set it up… here is an example doc.
Anyone able to help, please?

Thanks in advance!

Dear @Marta_Oliveira,

I recommend you create a button, that potential through automation, creates for every day for employee a new row, where the location can be assigned. (you might need also need to consider when this employee has any form of leave, like sick leave, maternity leave)

The be able to generate this you need to include the “formula map” formula in your button to iterate for each employee a new row.

In the below post I have created a solution for interview questions that repeat for each interview session.

I have the feeling that this will get you on track. Start small in a copy doc with very limited info to get it working, when you see how it goes, adding on is a “piece of :cake: