Search name on a table and add row to another table

Hoping someone has a good solution to this question.

I’ve created a doc that records start and end time of users on a project. The doc works great (used a template) but one feature is causing some user friction.

How is works:
We preload the Roster sheet with names.
When an editor wants to start the recording time for a person on the roster they must first add the name on the Clock In & Out sheet (Time Spent Today table) by 1) adding a row and 2) find the name on the dropdown.

The team has asked if we can put a search box on the Clock In & Out sheet that will find the name on the Roster and add the name to the row on the Time Spent Today table.

So does anyone has a solution to create a search and add row table?

@Drew_Kaplan hey buddy can you change the permissions to your shared doc so others can see it? right now it can’t be viewed

@Johg_Ananda try now. I think I solved access permissions. Thanks in advance.

OK I took a look. First the ‘Roster’ section has table called ‘Categories’ I think should be [Roster].

Second, I think I accomplished what you are trying to do with a much simpler interface. In my version you have the dropdown where you can select your user to clock in, and I combined the clock in and out buttons into one button that does both. We track the user’s clocked in/out state with a new column in [Roster], checkbox ‘ClockedIn?’.

Take a careful look at the formula in the button, this is where the magic happens. I hope this helps you understand the massive potential in Coda:

I think you need to share this one with me too?? @Johg_Ananda

Okay I just copied doc to look into it. That’s an interesting way to look at the workflow. It works very well too. Thanks!!!