Convert/store formulated data to static data for record keeping

Hey there fellow Coda makers,

I have sections assigned to team members which contain tables of contacts who they are trying to get to an event. Within those tables is data the team member will input that is associated with those contacts (i.e. # of registrations from that specific contact, etc).

Now, problem #1- After an event passes, I refresh all my data (such as the # of registrations associated with the contacts, etc). Problem #2- If a contact is reassigned to Team Member B for the next event, their attendance for the first event is changed as being caused by Team Member B instead of Team Member A.

So, I’m needing a way to store static data from these formulated Team Assignments and also the team stats in order to keep records and stats for my team members over time.

Maybe someone has an example doc they’ve seen that would point me in the right direction for team stat-keeping or something similar? Maybe I’m missing some simple formulas that are used for this?

Thanks everyone!


Without seeing exactly what you’re trying to do, if it were me, I would create the following tables, plus the relationships between them (Lookup columns):

  • Team Members
  • Contacts
  • Events

The Events table will store your static data. You can use various formulas to run queries against it to pull records and stats for your team over time.

I’m pressed for time at the moment. If you try the above and get stuck, let me know and I’ll jump back in with more detail.

EDIT: Search the template gallery for templates that handle transactions (invoices, etc) and study how they set up the tables and relationships between them (Lookup columns).

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@Ander I know it’s been awhile since you posted your reply to my question along with some ideas to search for in the template gallery. Thank you for your launchpad of a solution. I ended up using time-based automation to store static data in a table and then reset/clear the user-controlled tables at a certain time before the next event, ready for user input once again.

I have been able to pull this data into really great charts/views to check up on team performance etc, slowly growing my stats dashboard.

This system is a little fragile under the current rudimentary permissions options but once granular permissions are available, I think this structure is scalable.

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