Statistics around column and cell use

I have quite a large automobile project that is being tracked using Coda and involved 3 teams in 3 locations.
We use Jira for partial tracking and our Jira instance logs contain an abundance of meta data round the issues we face.

What would be extremely helpful is to have data on column use / cell use to learn for example how often a cell changed or to be able to track the history of a table from a data point of view (not having to roll back a version at a time).

We have a sheet that has 207 columns x 48 rows and each cell needs to have a history for accountability and to understand how the data changes.
The results of the data would help us analyse how efficient our projects are, where key issues occurs and how often parts of the projects need to be bounced between teams .

Happy for the Coda team to contact for a chat.

*It’s harder to help you without looking at your data structure - it is advisable to embed a dummy doc so we can better understand the problem and the desired outcome.

I would approach that by making a log table that records the changes (each change is a new row) and the main table will show the latest data from the log table, then you can do the statistics on the log table.


I agree I need to provide more data. I did a search based on your suggestion and see others are using automation to add changed rows to a new table.
I will give that a try.

Thank you for the suggestion. You pointed me in the direction I needed to go.