Advice for data consistency


I’ve been learning Coda intensively for the last couple of weeks. I’ve managed to import and cleanup data, and but still feel the need to add or change the columns from time to time, and allthough that is very easy to do, it is also very easy to delete or change important data.

I understand that I can sort of keep a backend doc, (I’m no expert and use these terms as a layman;) and fetch data via crossdoc, - but that was a bit limiting, since I’m still learning the tool, and still haven’t found the best way to structure the data.

These are databases with 1000+ columns logging activity, connected to stakeholders, and my organizations plans.

So have anyone found some good methods working with this, without the constant fear of mistakingly deleting a row, or changing a cell which suddenly removes the row by a filter? ‘Undo’ is of course my best friend, but sometimes I’m not aware, and just continue working, discovering the mistake when it’s to late.

Hey there! I think two articles may help you here. One is on our schema suggestions and the other is on version history. Schema suggestions will help you build so it’s a more dynamic table and version history is there incase you do delete, and you need to revert to an old version.

Thank you! I hadn’t seen those articles, yet. :nerd_face:

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