[Gig] Looking for a Coda consult on schema/templating of doc

Hey, I’d love to speak with a Coda expert on a doc I’m trying to create.

In an ideal world, I’d spend more time figuring this all out myself, but I’ve already researched Notion, Airtable+Softr/Stacker and Bubble, before discussing with someone who suggested Coda was probably the right tool for me. I’ve spent many, many days at this point, and so I’d just like to know quickly if Coda is right, or if I’m trying to achieve something that ultimately would be better elsewhere.

I essentially need a repeatable template of a document I can share with clients, that they can then interact with in various ways (add/edit rows, share with 3rd parties, fill out forms, etc).

I’ve made a list of c.135 data items (some would, I think, be subtables?) that would need to be stored for each client, along with the column types, relationships, data population method, pages/subpages of the document and functions that would need to exist.

But I:

  1. need to know the best way to structure the table(s) so that the data is as manageable and robust as possible.

  2. need to know if I should have one central doc for all client data and then Cross Doc to their individual reports, or just create a standalone template that I duplicate for each client. Instinctively I’d like the former, but I understand that granular permissions and locking isn’t possible, so I am concerned I can’t prevent clients from accessing other client info.

If Coda is the right place for me, I’m also happy to pay someone to help me create the doc or consult on specific coding/formulas! I’d just like to know I’m in the right place before I spent too much more time on it :slight_smile: Thanks.

Hey there!

Happy to do a free 30 min call - would love to help you trouble shoot these questions and figure out if Coda is the right tool for you.

You can reach me at: scott@simpladocs.com

Or see some of my info here: www.simpladocs.com
Or here: Youtube - All Things Coda


Hey @Ellie_Rofe, happy to do a 30 min call as well.

I made systems like this in the past. I also know a thing or two about making robust docs, and I just happened to solve the “templatized docs” problem with a custom pack that’s soon to launch:


Thanks both! Apologies for the delay in response. I found out I had covid (way after it was fashionable), and the brain fog set me back. Will get in touch now.


I can vouch for @Scott_Collier-Weir He and Simpladocs have done amazing work!!!


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