Need some input on sharing a doc template

Ok. I’m kinda new to Coda. I switched from Notion which I just found earlier this year. I have built pretty much a home management tool in Coda and I wanted to share it but I’ve not shared things so I wanted some input on what’s best and how sharing works.

My document pretty much is like a notebook for your household. It has a page for insurance, with all that pertinent information stored in one place, a place for utilities, vehicles, product extended warranties, memberships, and other things. All of these are designed in a page with a table and then anything that has some kind of EXPIRATION date on Mondays an automation runs and sends you an email with all the things expiring in the next 30 days so you can be proactive without always having to come in and check on everything.

I put a table on the first page where you put in your email address, your name, your relatives names and their emails and it will pull that information in for sending the email.

I also built my person planner with goals, tasks, objectives, life roles and all sorts of things and again all tables and all inter-related. I also have books to read and videos to watch where I store those things for me to work through and better myself.

In addition to that, I have my today planner page where it shows me the weather (again referencing the table with my zip code and pulling in the weather) and then tracking daily routines. I have a vitamin tracker so that I can put in what vitamins I take when, buttons to click each day to fill in that information, lots of automation.

I have a water tracker built so you just click the button to add 8 ounces to the water. I want to track daily habits but haven’t figured out exactly how I want to do that.

I have gratitude built into the today page as well as a daily recap to track my moods, take notes, etc.

I have a notes page where I drop things I want to keep track of.

I have tasks that I track that are pulled into today’s page to show me what needs to be done today. Buttons that can turn a task into a PROJECT which needs more attention, etc.

It’s a work in progress but even at this stage, it’s very useful and has a lot of stuff that could be used by just about anyone. It also has tags that are used throughout every page so that there is one table of tags that can be referenced anywhere.

So…I’m trying to decide if this is something worth my time to SHARE it? I would have to remove all the data in my tables. Is there some easy way to copy a document and have it NOT copy the data in the tables? Or would it be a manual process of deleting all the rows so no one gets my personal data?

Does this sound like something people might find useful? I’ve never made a template before so I’m not sure what is involved in that process. I’ve really only been using Coda a little more than a month now.


Dear @Susan_M_Davis,

Amazing and a good showcase what you can do with Coda in relation to personal/family arrangements.

Support at Coda ("?" at the right bottom of the doc will get you in contact with support through Intercom) will be glad to help you and make the doc ready to be added to the templates.

Looking forward to download it and implement for my family too. :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

Hi @Susan_M_Davis,

This sounds like a great doc! We’d love for you to share it.

My approach would be to make a copy of the doc and delete any personal info you have in it. I would then make a copy of that copy to publish and maybe add some example info so people can see how it works. Phone numbers can be (000)000-0000 or something like that.

When you’re ready to publish the doc, you can check out this help center article that covers all the basics of publishing.

It would be great if you wanted to share the link in our “Doc Show and Tell” category after you publish it!

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Ok. It’s up and available now. is the link. I’d love to hear feedback on it.


Thanks @Susan_M_Davis :rose:

This weekend I will check out your work

That’s a comprehensive template!!!

Well done, and thank you a ton for posting it!!!

This is great! Thank you for sharing with us. :slight_smile:

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A very organized and comprehensive guide everyone should think about having around. Thanks for sharing, Susan!

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Thanks for all the kind words. If just one person finds it useful, and it helps them get more organized I’ll be happy.

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