How to share a doc for use not editing

Hi, I’ve finished the doc that I want (a basic question polling app largely based off of the public code on one of coda’s tutorials) and I now want to use it. I need to share it with people so that they can start adding and upvoting questions. How do I do that? It seems like the only sharing options are to share edit, comment, or view access with people. I don’t want people to edit, comment, or view, the doc, I want them to use it. I’ve also found the embed option, but it says that doesn’t save any changes, so doesn’t sound like it will be helpful for question polling. I can’t share editing privileges with the people I want to use it because I don’t want them to be able to see the parts document that I have hidden (security issue). I’m a little confused because now that I’ve created a doc, I feel like I should be able to, well, use it, not just keep editing it. I’m new to coda, thanks for your help!

Hello! Try to publish doc from share button, this will allow users to only click on buttons, edit and leave comments will not.