How to add coda doc example here on the community site


I can see there is the opportunity to embed a coda doc in these community posts? How is it done?


Hi @Roar_Gjovaag

In the doc you want to share, go to the share button
A menu will appear in the middle of your screen as in the screenshot below
Select “copy link”, then choose anyone with link and set your “access rights” in the screenhot they are “can view or play” ( for the community the best option in most cases)

Lookup/pull a value from a table based on input values


Because I’ve been unclear on the different options for “Copy link,” I’ve been using the “Embed” option to post docs to the forum.

Do you know how to post a link to a doc that requires the owner to explicitly grant access to each user that requests access to the doc? (I’ve requested & received access to docs in this way, but have never shared one myself.)


I used embed option (copied and posted the <iframe> code), worked fine.


Dear @Ander,

Good point, I assume by sharing the link with “No access” and when the users wants to access the owner will get a message to grant access.

:bulb: @mallika
Hopefull other users and the Codans will be able to give a helping hand on this?


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Copy the link from your URL/address bar to post/forum or anywhere else on internet :slight_smile: . whenever someone without access would try to open the link - they would have an option to ask for permissions and, you as an owner would be notified in that case.


Well, that’s easy. Thanks.