Show coda sample in this community

I forgot how I can embed a coda document in these community messages - can someone tell me once more how to do that.


  1. click on “Share” in the upper right of the app
  2. click on “Get shareable link” in the bottom left of the modal
  3. click on “Embed” in the top menu of the modal
  4. click on the “Copy embed” button beneath the code snippet in the modal
  5. paste that code snippet into your forum post

That’s how I do it – there’s probably a better way!

It would be great it instructions to this effect were a part of the onboarding process for new users, or at least for users new to the community!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dear @Ander and @joost_mineur,

You are totally right

Additional some minor things that impact the user experience in a positive way is:


  1. To switch on “Hide Page List” -> to make it more focused at first view
  2. If more pages exist in the doc to select the right “Start with” page, so the visitor will be directed right away to the actual page!
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Thanks for both postings - simple when you know, works like a charm.