Question about sharing docs

Hey there,
I hope, this question seems not to be too dumb.
I have a doc, which I want to share with someone, who has no Coda account and don’t want to create one.
If I share the doc to someones email address, a message say’s: “Everyone with the link can edit.”
The recipient told me, that he always being led to the login page.
On the login page a messge appears:“We will email you a link with a password free login.” But the leads to the login page.
So my question is: is it possible to access Coda Docs without an account and if yes, how’s the procedure?

Thenks and the best regards

Short answer: If you don’t have an account, you can’t edit the doc. You need to login to edit.



Okay, thank you Jannis, that’s what I guessed, but not really knewed. Sometimes the texts are a bit confusing or misleading.

No problem :slight_smile:


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