Sharing a template

Our company will soon be having an all hands meeting to answer questions from employees. They have an internal website where we can submit questions, but we cannot upvote them.

I would love to point our IT folks to the “Question Voting & Polling” template in Coda, but I see no way to forward a link to that template. Instead, I copied the template and published it for them to play around with.

If they are interested, however, it would be useful to share the template itself. Is there a way for me to send a link to a template that I see when I click “See Templates” on my coda home page?


Dear @Michael_Hewitt,

The template you are referencing is available to all docs created by any user that has the Maker rights

From there it can be amended if needed and distributed according the needs.

If you have something else in mind, sorry that I didn’t get it.

Thank you for the prompt response. So, it sounds like the way to share such a template is to tell the other person the name of the template (in this case “Question Voting & Polling”), and they can search for it in the template list, assuming they are a maker. This should work so long as no one else has created a template with a similar name and they are able to successfully search for it.

What I was suggesting is the ability to share a direct link to the template to minimize work on the part of the recipient and eliminate potential ambiguity when the template space becomes more crowded. Certainly a low priority issue - just something to consider in the future.

You could also create a doc structure with the templates you want to use and store this doc to be copied as as the layout you want to work with

This to give consistency in the way of working and to avoid that the users end up with surprises