[Launched] Custom templates: drag, drop, and slash your way

Many of us joined the Coda team as spreadsheet aficionados looking for a more powerful language or as database experts seeking a smoother experience. It seems that our makers — and our Community in particular — share that DNA. We’re all productivity and process nerds here. So we know what it feels like to have that perfectly formatted gantt, impeccable formula to automate away the mundane, or glorious two-page meeting agenda that gets things done.

And we also know what it’s like to lose it. To find an outdated version. To copy and paste and lose hours of precious edits. Or to find one in the wild that’s a shell of its former self.

It’s why I’m so excited to introduce custom templates — because we know every team has their unique way of working, hard earned lessons from years of experience. Now, shared knowledge can be a scaled process.

Starting today, you can templatize your best creations and share them across your workspace. Your custom template will appear as an option in the new doc dialog as well as in-doc. Simply go to the right-hand Explore panel to search for it — or hit the / command to find it, just like you would any Coda-official template.

A few quick tips and tricks:

  1. Creating: You can create a template from any doc, new or existing. See a more in-depth tutorial here .
  2. Sharing: Templates can be private or shared with your entire workspace.
  3. Finding: You can choose how your template is accessed: from an existing doc, when creating a new doc, or both. Learn more here.
  4. :bulb: Pro tip: Templates come auto-populated with data (photos, text, dates). Use it as a way to standardize information and knowledge across the team!

Our hope is that you’ll do a little less copy-pasting and a lot more making with this new feature. We can’t wait to see what processes you ritualize with Coda’s custom templates. And as always, thanks to the many beta participants who provided us great feedback and support throughout the development of custom templates!

Looking for some inspiration or want to learn more about the rituals that helped us build this feature? Check out this doc from the team that built it or head to this webinar where we’ll walk you through it all!


Love it! You rock :wink:



The-speed-at-which-the-flipping-cool-team-at-coda-ships-things-makes-me-re-evaluate-how-fast-I-should-be-working-my-own-personal-goals. :sob:

Coda is my sensei, and I his loyal student. :person_fencing:


Incredible and powerfull, as everything in Coda.
Now we only need paired lookups (as in Notion) and do natively have rows as pages (as in Notion).


This is a game changer. I have already implemented it in my workflow. A big time saver. Also helps to standardize structure and content. Keep going to make Coda the best app ever.


I’m guessing it’s not possible to share custom templates publicly (i.e with doc editors who aren’t members of a workspace)? This feature rocks, though.