Publish a document without any data?

Is it possible to publish a doc, but with all rows dropped from all tables? Essentially just the static elements of the document and the schemas of all tables would remain.

I am asking as I want to publish a document I have so that others can reuse the tables, but want to keep the data stored in the document private.

Hello @loucadufault!
It may be worth looking at this

It may not be published but you it you can share it to your workspace

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It does’t mention anywhere the ability to create a template without data, in fact, it says that “Templates come auto-populated with data (photos, text, dates). Use it as a way to standardize information and knowledge across the team!” which is pretty much the opposite of what I am trying to achieve.

I’m guessing this isn’t possible. For anyone looking to do this, I did this in a slightly less automated way with a button that deletes all rows, then just right click the button and choose which table it targets, and click the button. Do this for every table and the doc should be empty.

Hey — you did it in a correct way.

There’s no way to automatically clear all rows from a doc you’re trying to copy / turn into a template. And there’s a good reason — what if some rows are actually crucial to preserve? Not all rows are data, some are helper tables, e.g. here a single-row table is used to implement a makeshift multi-column dashboard view. The row must stay because it’s not set up with user data itself — it’s set up to aggregate and display the data.

What I usually do is create a button where I specifically program how I want to reset the doc. For some tables I just delete all rows, for other tables I delete all but some rows, and in some tables (usually singleton tables, i.e. single-row tables) I only modify certain columns: